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"I'm so thankful for your book. We now have a little girl thanks to you. We wanted a girl for so long, but since we had 2 boys already, we were concerned that boys were in our natural. We were not be able to afford other methods for gender selection. So when we found you we were determined to try anything. Your method was easy to follow and it worked and your helpful and caring support during our process is so appreciated. I just had to write you and tell you how thankful and indebted we are to you. You have given us a gift we never thought we could have."
-Angela P.
Vancouver, BC, Canada

"We appreciate your help and support during our process. It's a good feeling to know that someone is going to be there to help you the whole time. This isn't a subject I know much about, but I do know that I can depend on your team to help us."
Robert P.
Englewood, CO

"We were recommended to you by a friend. We saw how successful our friends were with your method so we decided to try you out also. We have our son now, thank you. He will be 6 months old this week. His name is Cameron."
Dr .Stephen B.
Los Angeles, CA, USA

"I'm so glad that you were here to help us when we came looking for gender options for our next baby. It's so great that you give information so people can make their own kit and nutriceuticals. Other methods are so high."
Karen C.
Jacksonville, FL

"You are a good company, that cares about the outcome for their customers. There aren't enough companies out there like you. Everyone else just wants to sell you something and make you figure out how to use it. You have great people working there, a nice pharmacist Sharon, helped us. We are big supporters of the Stork Select Method."
Mike D.
St. Simons Island, GA

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about stork select

Stork Select Safe, Natural Baby Gender Selection
The baby gender selection Experts!

99% success rate*

Stork Select's baby gender selection on method is the safe, natural, and affordable way to choose the gender of your baby before you conceive.

Stork Select's method has a 99%* accuracy rate which is the highest accuracy rate of any natural gender selection method.

The reason behind our high accuracy rate is our team of physicians, pharmacists, and scientists who are working together to create a method that is easy to follow and guaranteed to work.

When making a major decision, like choosing the gender of your child, it's important to go with a company you can trust, and Stork Select's method has helped millions of couples determine their baby's gender before conception. You can read hundreds of successful stories in our testimonials section .


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If you aren't comfortable using an e-book. We also offer a printed version of our book, which can be delivered Next Day Air!


There's no reason for you to have to wait any longer or spend incredible amounts of money on methods that don't have high success rates. Stork Select's e-book is affordable and is delivered instantly to your email.

Our gender selection book has easy to follow instructions with helpful charts so it's practically impossible to make any mistakes. We have a team of medical professionals to help and guide you through this process and to answer any questions you have. No other gender selection company offers this kind of service!


In Stork Select's gender selection book you will learn about many different factors that influence baby gender and we will teach you how to make your own gender selection kit. Which will save you hundreds of dollars. In each of our gender books we provide you with all the information for formulating your own kit and detail instructions for using the products for your desired gender.

Each Book Includes:

  • gender specific diet instructions
  • where to buy nutriceuticals locally and the correct dosage needed
  • how to formulate the combinations of FDA approved nutriceuticals supplements you will need for specific gender
  • detailed instructions for recognizing primary fertility signs
  • directions on using a biphasic basal thermometer to determine body temperature needed to conceive your desired gender
  • the formula for making a gender specific douche that will create the correct vaginal ionic vault for gender selection
  • the importance of intercourse timing
  • calculating ovulation
  • adjusting the vaginal environment to effectively determine the gender of your next child
  • charts to help you organize all steps for gender selection
  • example charts that you can compare

When you purchase the Stork Select Gender Selection book you are getting more than what's included in other gender selection books or kits you may be considering. You are getting the Instructions on how to make your own nutriceuticals, the specific formula for formulating the correct ionic douche for either a boy or a girl, and example success charts to compare with.


With Stork Select you are getting:

Easy to use E-Book! Instantly Delivered

Simple and easy to follow instructions!

How to make a gender kit!

How to make nutriceuticals!

99% High Accuracy Rate!

Money Back Guarantee!

A team of medical professionals to guide you and answer your questions!


Click here to get started now! We guarantee you'll be glad you tried us or we'll give you a 100% refund. You can read hundreds of successful stories in our testimonials section .

*Your results will depend on how closely you adhere to the book's guidelines.