about stork select

Why Choose Stork Select

All women are different and Stork Select knows that. That's why we thought about all women when creating our gender selection kit and book.

Woman have many factors that can effect baby gender - Not only can a woman have cycles that vary - depending on age, whether she has given birth, been on birth control, had a miscarriage, breast feeding, they also have many other factors that can influence their body condition.

Recognizing the unique differences among women, is why Stork Select has the highest success rate in gender selection. We acknowledge there is not just one simple formula for preconception gender selection.

We are completely confident that you will be 100% satisfied with our product, that's why we have the only no hassle 100% money back guarantee! You won't find that with any other gender selection method on the market. And if you still aren't completely sure about Stork Select's natural gender method, you can read hundreds of successful stories in our testimonials section.