::Customer Testimonials::

"I just wanted to write and say thank you. Your method worked and was easy to follow and we really appreciate all the helpful support you gave us."
-Donna S.
Tampa, FL

"I was concerned that it would be really hard to have a boy after having 2 girls. My doctor offered methods that he said we 100% accurate but the cost was to high for my husband and I to afford. Then we found Stork Select and now we have a son. Thank you for offering everyone the opportunity to choose their child's gender."
-Sarah P.
Chicago Heights, IL

"Thank you for giving us a gift we never thought we could have!"
-Doug R.
Carmel, CA

"Your directions were easy to follow, and it was so comforting having a pharmacist to answer our questions."
-Jennifer W.
Albany, NY

"I was unsure at first because your method is so much more affordable than other companies and you had a higher success rate. So we decided there was no harm trying out your method because we wanted a girl, but mainly we just wanted a child. But you were right, and it did work. And now we have a baby girl."
-Amanda S.
Spokane, WA

"Thanks for making an affordable method for choosing my baby's gender."
-Melanie K.
Raleigh, NC

"One of my patients showed me your site and I never knew gender selection could be so accurate without surgical procedures. I recommend all of my interested patients to your site now. It's nice to be able to give them an answer that everyone can afford."
-Dr. James R.
Greensboro, NC

"I'm so pleased with your book, we had our second child 2 months ago, another boy, thanks to your method."
-Linda S
Broomfield, CO

"We want to thank you for giving us two daughters. I always wanted to have two girls, I have sisters and I know it's important. You have given us all a gift."
Jessica, C
Gold Coast, Australia

"We looked into baby gender selection and fertility clinics but the price was just to high, I don't see how anyone could afford that. I thought it was hopeless, but my husband decided to go to the internet to see if he could find anything, and then he found you. You are an answer to our prayers. I'm 8 months pregnant with a little girl and I am forever indebted to you."
-April, G
Madison, WI

"I was sent here by my sister-in-law, you helped her have a son three months ago. I was never one to care very much what gender I wanted my child to be, but since she had success I thought, why not give it a try. Well I'm pregnant with a girl now, I always wanted a girl, in the back of my mind. It's nice that you help guide people through the process."
-Abegail R.
St. Petersburg, FL

"Thank you for your easy method, we bought another gender book but the instructions were so difficult we felt like we'd never get it right. So we found you and decided to go with you instead because you offer so much one on one support from trained professionals."
-Tracy J.
Macon, GA

"I'm glad that someone our there can give us good information that works and great customer service and support. My wife is 3 months pregnant with a boy and we are really satisfied with your product."
-Simon L.
Holbrook, NY

"We wanted a son, but the idea of an intrusive expensive surgery was out of the question. We were recommended to you by our doctor. Thanks for giving us a son and saving our wallets :) "
-Sandra N
Virginia Beach, VA

"Your pharmacist, Shawn, was so helpful and kind to us. She responded to every question we had so fast. She even called us after we were pregnant to see how everything was going. That means a lot to me, that someone cares enough about us to give us so much time."
-Jamie G.
Rochester, NY

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